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 posted - December 2014
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The Social Profile is a new feature that will allow your customers to know you personally, and to know what studies did you do, or where did you worked.

You can either see your Social Profile or Edit your Social Profile.

  1. See Social Profile
  2. Edit Social Profile


See Social Profile

To see your Social Profile you can either click on your Business Profile page on your username.

Social profile - How to get to


Or hover on your Username, and click on "Edit my profile"


And then click on the "See Profile" link located at the upper right corner. This will only appear if you have filled all the required fields on the page.

Social profile - See profile


Once there you will see the following:


Social Profile - View profile


Besides the information, you can invite friends from your social networks to join Tuugo, by clicking on the "Invite Friends" button at the top right corner.


Social Profile - Invite friends


When you look at other users' profile, you can see, below the profile picture, a "Send Message" link, in which you can click to contact that user.

Send message - Social profile contact


Edit Social Profile

To edit your social profile, hover over your username, and click on "Edit my profile"

Once there, you will see the following:


Social Profile - Edit social profile


In order to fill that you can import the information from your Facebook profile or your Linkedin profile by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Scial Profile - Import profile

If you don’t have any of those social networks, or you want to add your information manually, you can do it so by filling the corresponding fields. Please have in mind that those fields marked with a red asterisk are required fields.

In the personal information the only required fields are Country, State, and City. You can add your personal contact information if you wish, to give a more personalized contacting ways to your customers.

Social profile - Personal information

Then, you can add the links to your Social networks profiles. This is useful to see the professionals and managers of companies posting about what you do, to let your customers know there are humans after your organization or company.


Social profile - Social networks


Also you can publish a short description about yourself, such as a presentation of you, your likes and your dislikes, your hobbies, your interests, and so on. When finished you can save changes by clicking on the "Save Changes" button, or you can keep editing your Social Profile.

Social profile - About me


You can add your interests in Tuugo, whether within the Companies, Products, or Contacts that we have available. This will help sort the most interesting things for you within our site, wheter for the newsletters or blog articles

 Social profile - My interests

In this section you can add your education, meaning all the places you have stuided in. You can put the dates in which you have finished them, or if you are studying, you can only put the starting date. 

Social Profile - My education

If you want to add more than one education center, you can do it so by clicking on the " + Add more Studies" button at the bottom of the section. This will add an extra center in which you can fill out the information.

Social profile - My education - Add more

If you want to delete one of your education centers, you can do it so by clicking on the Trash Bin Icon, located at the right.

Social profile - My studies - Delete center

In order to save changes for this section, click on the "Save Changes" button, or you can keep editing your Social Profile.

The next section is about the places you have worked in. There you can fill out the company name, in which years you have worked, and what position did you had. Also you can add a description, in which you can tell your customers which were your key responsibilities in your other jobs.

Social Profile - My works


You can also add more than one job, by clicking on the "Add more Works" button, so you can show off all your working experience!

Social profile - My works - Add more


In order to delete a Job institution, you can click on the Trash Bin icon located at the right part of the section.

Social profile - My works - Deleting a job


At last, in order to Save Changes for that section, click on the "Save Changes" button.

If you want to save the changes for all the sections, click on the "Save ALL Changes" button.

Social Profile - Save All changes 


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